Rental Study

May 10, 2019

The Challenge

I was dropped into the mid point of a Product development cycle. It was a three part project and two out of three parts were  finished already. My job was the work on the third part using the very little information I was provided with. 

The first module focused on the hotel sector and the second flights.

This project was quite ambiguous, so based on the minimal info I had about how the other two modules worked, I had to assume how they currently interact with each other and then use that information to implement the third.

The third module was solely about upgrading your existing booking so this was something I had to always consider when it came to the look and feel of the app.


Like all projects, research has to inform your design choices. For this I looked at existing car rental apps, like Sixt, Enterprise & Avis. I did this to understand how a typical user flow would go, from searching and selecting a car, to rent all the way, to finalising the booking. 

After that, I looked at navigation patterns like Lyft & Uber for inspiration. More specifically Lyft, because of how they implemented their search bar. It being suitable for one hand use and within the lower half of the screen.

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