Working on it intro video showing elements of the brand.
Working on it
building a product to allow
people to become their
better selves.
With everything that had happened in the world, how do we ensure that we are consistently learning? consistently fighting our default - sometimes ignorant programming? - That was the question we asked ourselves and the basis of the problem we looked to solve.
What we had come up with, was 3 pillars that would act as a guide to help us become better to those around us.
Own it, Unlearn it, Change it. These 3 steps would allow us to identify our shortcomings and provide us with the tools or information to change.

Now that I have the prompt, it was time to do visual research and have a look at some ways into solving this. Pinterest was a main point of inspiration, especially in terms of IA, card functions and it’s ease of use.
Through a notes exercise I defined the MVP for our product to help frame the direction for our sitemap and future wireframes
“Incentive drives behaviour”
After a couple of stakeholder presentations on the site map and wireframe we are ready to move onto the UI stage.The focus now is to rapidity iterate and use the UI stage as a prototype testing ground with an internal team before we move onto development.
MVP prototype testing
with usergroup
Incentive drives behaviour